Accelerated Orthodontics

Complete your treatment up to 60% faster*

Don't let the duration of treatment get in your way of getting the smile you deserve. With the latest scientific findings and the cutting edge technology, we are able to move teeth faster and safer to achieve the desired results.

Did you know?

CTOR Orthodontics is the clinical arm of the Consortium for Translational Orthodontic Research (CTOR), the world's leading center in the field of orthodontic research. Our patented invention has become the most effective, least invasive methods of accelerating tooth movement with the least discomfort while delivering safe and effective results.

These interventions include: 

  • Micro-osteoperforations (MOPs): small indentations made to the bone supporting teeth under local anesthesia. These small perforations cause very little discomfort and are extremely effective in moving teeth fast and safely.

  • Vibration therapy:  the least invasive method of moving teeth. Only 5 minutes a day will help stimulate bone remodeling and accelerate tooth movement.

*To learn more about the science behind the innovations, please refer to the literature below:


Micro Osteoperforations