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Image of tools for accelerated orthodontics

Accelerated Orthodontics

Accelerated Orthodontics help you complete your orthodontic treatment up to 60% faster!

Don't let the duration of orthodontic treatment get in the way of getting the smile you deserve. With the latest scientific findings and cutting edge technology, we are able to move teeth faster and safer to achieve the desired results with accelerated orthodontics. 

CTOR's research has resulted in two patented inventions, Propel™ and VPro5™. These orthodontic tools work by stimulating the bone around the tooth and significantly increase the rate of tooth movement, in a safe and effective manner. They are non-invasive and create minor discomfort for the patient.

Micro-osteoperforations (MOPs)

Micro-osteoperforations (MOPs) are small indentations made to the bone supporting teeth under local anesthesia. These small perforations cause very little discomfort and are extremely effective in moving teeth fast and safely.

Vibration therapy

Vibration therapy is the least invasive method of moving teeth faster. Only 5 minutes a day with VPro5 will help stimulate bone remodeling and accelerate tooth movement. This is a tool designed for at-home use.

When you receive an accelerated orthodontic treatment at CTOR Ortho, you will be under the care of clinician-scientists responsible for these and many other scientific advances. You can trust your treatment to the speciality leaders that focus on their patient's individual needs.


Clinical Cases


This patient’s upper jaw was very narrow causing an asymmetric bite with posterior crossbite.

Braces were used in combinations with micro-osteoperforations (MOPS) to accomplish a difficult bite correction and beautiful  smile in just 8 months.


An anterior crossbite happens when the upper teeth hide behind the lower teeth with poor smile esthetics and difficulty eating.

Braces were used in combinations with micro-osteoperforation (MOPS) to accomplish a difficult  bite correction in just 6 months.

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