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Extreme Orthodontics

Severe jaw deformities in adults, including discrepancies in both the width and length of the jaws and/or the relative position of the upper to the lower jaw, have been treated with a combination of orthodontics (braces) and maxillofacial surgery for many decades. CTOR's advances in craniofacial bone biology and new  tooth movement techniques, now allow extreme orthodontic treatment of the most severe jaw and bite problems without surgery

Appliances used in extreme orthodontics

CTOR orthodontists are also bone biologists with a history of innovation in the field of Dentofacial Orthopedics. They have developed micro-osteoperforations (or MOPs), a procedure that stimulates bone regeneration and extends the distance a tooth can move in the jaws. This procedure combined with CTOR external plates, Shock wave therapy and Bite Block therapy, allows orthopedic treatment of non-growing patients and adults.

CTOR is globally renowned for extreme orthodontics

Our patients come from all over the world and different USA states to receive this treatment that can correct the most extreme skeletal problems without maxillofacial surgery.

If you have been diagnosed with a jaw and bite problem that might require surgical intervention, please contact our specialist team located in Hoboken, New Jersey for a complimentary consultation.


Our friendly and approachable team will help you learn more about this new treatment approach, allowing extreme Orthodontic & Orthopedic corrections in adults.

Diagram of an extreme orthodontic plan

Clinical Cases

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