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Child following early orthodontic treatment CTOR Ortho

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early interceptive orthodontics treatment, also called Phase I treatment, happens when your kid still has his/her baby teeth.

How early can you start Orthodontics?

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that the initial orthodontic evaluation should occur no later than 7 years of age, when the first adult molars have erupted but many baby teeth are still present. 

Your Orthodontist can evaluate the bite and determine if there is enough space for the larger adult teeth. At this stage, growth modification therapy can allow correction of severe crowding and jaw deformities if present.​

Appliances Used In Early Orthdontics

During early orthodontic treatment, removable appliances such as palatal expanders, lip bumbers, bionators, headgears and face masks are used to create space in the jaws for tooth eruption and to modify growth. 

Advantages of Early Orthodontics Treatment

  • Creating room for crowded teeth and the erupting adult teeth

  • Reducing risks of trauma to protruding front teeth

  • Reducing the need for tooth extractions

  • Reducing treatment time with braces, or avoiding braces altogether

Once all permanent teeth erupt the orthodontist evaluates the need for Phase II treatment with braces.  Contact our specialist team located in Hoboken, New Jersey. CTOR Ortho offers unparalleled early orthodontic care in a friendly and state of the art facility.

Clinical Cases


Sometimes the upper jaw is so narrow that permanent teeth start growing crooked and out of place.

Early Interceptive treatment with expanders and lip bumpers corrected upper jaw growth and teeth realigned into a normal bite and a beautiful smile. 

Braces or aligners were never used in this patient.


An anterior crossbite occurs when the upper jaw does not grow enough and bites inside the lower jaw.
Early Interceptive treatment with simple orthopedic appliances corrected this crowding and anterior crossbite by stimulating upper jaw growth in all dimensions. Braces or aligners were never used to get this beautiful bite.

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